David’s Story

I was a “normal” sort of person really, getting on with life, earning a living, going through the trials and tribulations of raising a family, and not really thinking twice about my health.

However in 2001 everything seemed to change as I learned the hard way that I was dangerously allergic to stinging insects and this website was born because there was absolutely nothing about this allergy on the internet.  It seems amazing today but yes, not that long ago, there were large gaps of information that were just not available on Google, MSN and Yahoo.  This was before Wikipedia, NHS Direct, Patient.co.uk, and all the amazing information and medical sites that exist today.

The Insect Stings website was born has grown to around 300,000 visitors per annum by 2010 and unwittingly I have been dragged along with it and become a patient expert in the field of insect sting allergy.  The story of my personal adventure can be found in this link but please remember that:

  • It was written at a very difficult and emotional time in my life
  • Most people do not react badly to venom immunotherapy
  • Most people do not require the type of precautions that I needed when going through immunotherapy

Ultimately this website is not about me but about the condition of being hypersensitive and allergic to stinging insects, a condition that can be defeated and where advances in immunotherapy treatment offers patients a real and safe treatment option.

My own story is just one of many – if you have one that you would like included on this website then please contact me!