Precautions Against Stings

– take precautions and reduce your risk of being stung!

For the person who simply wants to avoid being stung there are a number of precautions that you can take which we have divided into three types:

Personal Protection – ensuring that you are the least attractive object in the immediate environment to the wasp, hornet or bee.

Enivronmental Protection – trying to make the environment around you the less attractive to the stinging insect population

Medical Protections – protecting yourself with medication in anticipation of a sting

All of the advice suggested will still not stop you being stung – they will simply improve the risk of not being stung. Stinging insects are strange creatures and can hurt their victims at the least expected moment and in the least expected place. It is important that we all remember that notwithstanding the dangers to certain allergic people, being obsessed with avoiding these creatures is equally unhealthy and we should talk all these precautions with an element of commonsense.

family cat

It is strange the my family cat knows exactly who doesn’t like cats – and always chooses them to snuggle up to!