Medical Protection

Medical protection refers to drugs or medication that would be a sensible precaution to take in the event of a wasp sting.

There are to my knowledge no medical aids that can stop you being stung!

The best advice simple: be prepared!

For local reactions have plenty of ice and off-the-shelf creams and ointments (see Treatments for Local Reactions)

For allergic reactions have whatever prescribed or recommended medications immediately available and be prepared for a possible trip to the local A & E or doctor’ surgery in the event that the allergic reactions starts to get seriously unpleasant.

For the anaphylactic reactions have your anaphylactic kit with you at all times and use whatever medication has been prescribed and recommended by your medical adviser. Be prepared for an immediate trip to A & E.

So, medicine cannot protect you from insect stings, but being prepared medically can protect you from the effects of those stings considerably.