Length of EpiPen, Jext and Anapen needles

I know I may seem to go on and on about adrenaline auto-injectors, BUT they really worry  me.  These are life saving products and it is important that they work when they are used for whatever allergic reaction may happen.

So my interest in this article concerns needle length.

It is really important that the needle injects its life saving drug into the muscle of the thigh and a study in 2009 indicated that in fact a significant proportion of children did not have a long enough needle to reach the muscle the skin and fat.  The same is undoubtedly true of adults because we all have different size thighs and yet the manufacturers of the auto-injectors provide a “one size needle fits all” solution to patients.  Surely at the very least the length of the needle should fit the needs of the patient?

So if you have a large child or are a larger than normal adult and require an emergency adrenaline injector, such as an EpiPen, Jext, or Anapen, then please talk to your doctor and let us start putting some pressure on the manufacturers to provide the right solution for all patients and not just for some.

In short not only do we need different size of dosages but we also need different size needles, an option that is currently not available.

Article by David I Glaser