Finger Pictures

When I first set up the Insect Stings website in 2002 I was contacted by a really remarkable man called Mike Ash who lived in Florida.  He was a keen insect photographer and sent me a number of pictures to use on this website.

Very sadly Mike has since died and after I  learned that he was unable to walk and confined to a wheelchair.  That would explain these pictures since they require great patience and illustrate the work of a man who needed the insects to come to him rather than him having to chase them.

Mike manages to get these venomous insects to simply perch on his finger “so that you can compare size” as he described it. I have learnt so much from him about the identification of these creatures so this page is my tribute to him and should enable you to identify some of the common stinging insects of North America and Europe.

Thanks Mike!


Hornet (US)

Black Wasp (US)

Carpenter Bee

campsomeris quadrama

Vespa Crabro – European Hornet (US), Hornet (UK)

Paper Wasp

Honey bee

Yellow Jacket

Potter Wasp on finger
Potter Wasp