Environmental Protection

Stinging insects are everywhere and so the idea of protecting yourself through changing your environment is the first line of defense.

PhysicaFly Screenl Barriers

You can protect where you life and work (if necessary) by the installation of insect screens at windows and doors. People in cooler climates, like the UK, will find insect screens surprisingly difficult to find – we are looking at different ways of helping those in cooler climes.

Insect screens are particularly difficult to find in the UK and we have a number of links on our links page which may well prove to be of help.

Insect Nests

Be ruthless around your own home and those of your neighbors by looking out for nests and swarms and arranging for them to be either removed or destroyed. Do not try to do this yourself because it is a highly dangerous activity and these insects will very aggressively protect their nest and home.

Picnics and Barbeques

This is probably the most dangerous activity which you will ever undertake if you don’t want to be stung. The fact is that food and drink is very attractive to stinging insects and they will sting anything that gets in their way. I am not saying don’t do it, just if you do be very careful and watch out for stinging insects in soft drink cans, inside burgers, – anywhere

Garbage (US) and Rubbish (UK) Bins

Whilst Flying beewasps love cooked food, they also love rotten food too, and find the smell of nasty bins full of rotting food irresistible. Keep these bins well away from the home and pay extra attention, even indoors, when in the vicinity of the garbage/rubbish bin.

Overall, I just love being outside and doing all the things which probably are very high risk. When I was stung last, it was simply walking between my car and the office, and nothing to do with what I was wearing, food or rotting fruit! The message must be to use your common sense and simply be careful that if you are in environments that are more dangerous than others, you are well protected in other ways.