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The myth of vinegar to treat a wasp sting

Once again as the wasp sting seasons comes to a peak here in the UK the media are full of articles about the problem our citizens face.  Whilst much of the article I came across in the Daily Mail makes sense (especially the fact that wasps do have a a very important ecological function) it must also be declared that once again they are peddling the myth that vinegar helps in treating wasp stings.

Please see the page on my own website which talks about the different treatments which people suggest work fantastically – these include vinegar but the sheer variety and mass of treatments probably means that psychology and rubbing is much more important than the actual ointment or product applied.

David I Glaser

Insect stings on the increase

Insect sting allergy on the increase

David Golden, MD, one of the world’s top allergy specialists in insect venom allergy, has recently written a paper for the American College of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology (ACAAI) which argues that insect venom allergy is definitely on the increase affecting around 5% of Americans.

We are not here just talking about local reactions but rather the more dangerous systemic reactions which can of course lead to death – and he argues that it is important that it is treated before the next reaction.  The treatment is venom immunotherapy, detailed elsewhere on my website, and we strongly concur with David Golden in this area.

So, if you have ever had a bad systemic reaction to a wasp or bee sting, then go and see your doctor because there is an effective treatment and, if you are a UK citizen, it is absolutely free on the NHS!

Author; David I Glaser

Anaphylaxis Campaign’s new fact sheet on Insect Sting Allergy

Well done to the Anaphylaxis Campaign on developing its excellent pdf on how to cope with having a severe allergy to wasp, bees and other flying insects.  You can find it on this link and are recommended to download it and print it out for a good read offline.

There is of course a lot more information on this website but it is nevertheless helpful to have a crib sheet to take away with you!

Well done to my friends at the Campaign for this document!

by David I Glaser