epipen, emerade or jext - which one is best

Adrenaline Autoinjectors – Epipen, Jext, or Emerade – which one to choose?

This is an update to a blog I wrote in 2013 which lamented the fact that the adrenaline autoinjector models in the market (Anapen and the old Epipen model) carried needle lengths that might not deliver the adrenaline which an anaphylactic patient might need.

Two years later Anapen has disappeared from the market and Epipen has a brand new model,  In addition two new autoinjectors have arrived in the UK, Jext and Emerade.  Most people simply get a prescription from their doctor and get what they are given in the chemist but, just like buying a new pair of clothes, you should consider your choice of this life saving device very carefully.

We rarely question our prescribed drugs as they are taken orally and who are we, the unqualified patient, to question the choice of drug.  In the case of these autoinjectors we should not question the life saving adrenaline but we should question the delivery method – the choice of autoinjector.

In a series of blog posts over the next few weeks I will be reviewing these three autoinjectors insofar as the following features are concerned:

  1. Needle Length
  2. Dosage
  3. Shelf Life
  4. Ease of use in an emergency

This website has no affiliation or personal interest with any of the manufacturers.  I just want to make sure that all those with a serious allergic response leading to anaphylaxis have an effective autoinjector to hand and realise that these three delivery methods are not the same.

As consumers, we also have a choice!


David I Glaser